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Thalassaemia is a blood-related genetic disease, transmitted from the parents to the newly-born baby which can be detected from the age between 6 months to 2 years when the baby looked anemic.

It is the most common inherited disorder. Thalassaemia patients require lifelong treatment which cost Taka 2000 to Taka 20000 per month per patient based on their age and treatment demand .
Because of the financial constraints many thalassaemia patients are unable to take their treatments, namely

1. Regular safe Blood Transfusion,
2. Regular Excess Iron Chelation and
3. Regular Essential Laboratory Tests
4. Follow-up Medical Check- up under specialist physicians.
5. Balanced Diet Program.

Bangladesh Thalassaemia Samity and Hospital is committed to making treatment and services affordable to everyone; particularly for those who financially insolvent. Please note that we have got about 4000 registered patients regularly come to our hospital for fortnightly /monthly BLOOD TRANSFUSION along with other medical supports. Most of the patients is poor and needful.

Under the circumstances mentioned above, we request you to come forward to our assistance and with your help, we know we can make a difference for the thousands of Thalassaemic children and their families those are struggling in our community.
Here, we would like to ensure you that we expend the money received from Donation & Zakat with purpose accounting & get the financial reports audited regularly.

All Bank & Financial Methods Details:

Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd.
Dhanmondi Branch, Dhaka
A/N# Bangladesh Thalassaemia Samity
A/C# 110.110.0024416
Routing Number: 090261183
Swift Code: DBBLBDDH

BRAC Bank Ltd
Jatrabari, Dhaka
A/N# Bangladesh Thalassaemia Samity Hospital
A/C# 1539203732875001
Routing Number : 060273235
Swift Code: BRAKBDDH

Uttra Bank Ltd
Awlad Hossain Market, Dhaka
A/N# Bangladesh Thalassaemia Samity
A/C# 0012200211801
Routing Number: 250260287
Swift Code: UTBLBDDH
Mobile Financial Service

Bkash Marchant Number: 0182541519
(Use App > Payment > 0182541519 > Amount > Reference Your Name > Send )